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10-Jul-2017 14:41

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Yihyun Jeong/PHOENIX — The “Serial Street Shooter” suspect may have unwittingly sold his freedom for .That transaction would, 14 months later, help lead police to Saucedo, effectively taking him off the streets.But authorities have offered few other details laying how how they connected Saucedo to the shootings and the victims. Jonathan Howard said a “wide host of evidence,” including ballistics, surveillance, witnesses and other forensic evidence, was part of the case. The Hi-Point was bought by Mo Money Pawn Shop in Phoenix in the early evening of Sept. Sixteen days earlier, police say Saucedo used it to gun down Raul Romero, 61, a man who was dating his mother at the time.Authorities did not offer a possible motive.“The pawn shop helped us connect with the new owner of one of the guns used in the series,” Howard said, noting that the pawn shop was a part of their investigation. Romero's death now has been linked to the serial shootings, police said Monday.“We bought it for .

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This is a 911 call made shortly after the incident.

Once a customer expresses interest in making a purchase, a Mo Money employee member can spend upwards of 30 minutes interacting with him or her, Escobar said.

But their movements, he said, are observed long before — as soon as the enter the gun room.

Police said Saucedo committed the first homicide of 2016, killing 22-year-old Jesse Olivas in a drive-by shooting about a.m. However, that doesn’t mean Saucedo bought a gun each time.

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Items classified as firearms-related vary from ammo, to a scope, to any other accessory, he said.“I can’t get into what my customers buy,” Vaughn said. They have full knowledge.”that transaction documents, including background checks for those purchases, were collected by officials with the U. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on May 2.According to the pawn shop, authorities first got in contact mid-April about the Hi-Point used in Romero’s death.